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Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way


Food for wealth


Food for wealth

Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way


Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way

You are maintaining a kitchen garden with a number of interesting vegetables but somehow the related yield is not at par with your expectations. So what can you do in such a circumstance? You need to take expert help and choose the right garden fertilizer that promotes plant growth and associated productivity. People try different ways to improve the condition so that they no longer have to worry about getting the required vegetables, herbs and fruits all year through.

Composting Everything

This is surely a proven technique for building up lively and healthy soil as this provides optimal food for growth promoting microbes to survive. Organic fertilizers and compost add effective nutrients for the plants along with a host of beneficial microorganisms. Besides this, it also helps in water drainage, retention, with minimal waste for landfills as well.

Mulching is Great

When you want to suppress weeds, maximize the use of water, or prevent erosion, drying out of soil mulching proves to be the most effective. Soil remains warm upon addition of mulch with the optimal availability of nutrition whenever required by the plants. You can purchase this from the store or create at your very own backyard.


Increase Your Garden Yield the Easy Way

Use of Cuttings and Seeds

Many people who want to save costs and at the same time get the best productivity possible from their gardens preserve seeds and cuttings from existing plants. By using them, you can increase crop yield, as these varieties are already adapted to specific conditions and climate related to your garden. Also, these have co-evolved with micro-fauna and flora inhabiting your garden soil. This will signify greater resistance to pests and diseases and better outputs as well. Take cuttings to increase the overall number of plants. Like for example in tomatoes where you can use side-shoots removed during pruning, to grow new saplings in your garden.

Rainwater Collection

You can improve the yield while bringing down your dependency on groundwater or water supply by collecting rainwater. Since it contains few contaminants, this water is highly beneficial for plant growth with lukewarm temperature and chlorine-less composition. Presence of chlorine tends to destroy the colony of useful microbes present in the soil.

Give Encouragement to Bees

These extremely beneficial insects are effective pollinators of plants. They initiate plant growth and help your kitchen garden to thrive. Keep the use of chemical fertilizers to minimal, use wildflowers, or let both weeds and plants flower.

Use the Boosters

Use of garden boosters like BioWash is another great way to improve the output that you receive from your kitchen garden. These work with the plant to ensure a more efficient and effective use of nutrients that you add to the soil. As a result, in order to get optimal yields you no longer need to use high quantities of fertilizers. The plant's absorption ability from the soil increases significantly promoting growth and productivity.

Do not wait for your garden to take care of itself or your precious plants to die. Get help well within time. Visit the website today for the best products.

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O. F. Brodbent is an avid reader who loves learning about health and nutrition. Over the years he has enjoyed studying how organic ecosystems affect ecosystem, and is on a mission to share this information with others. He always finds one of the best sources of Organic products.

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