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4 Diet Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

4 Diet Tips For Rapid Weight Loss


4 Diet Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Without an eating plan that works, your weight loss won't work.

There is a common fitness phrase that says, "you cannot OUT-RUN a bad diet", which explains exactly how important an effective eating plan is.

No matter how much you exercise, it will be very challenging to lose weight unless you change your diet.

There are endless different diets and diet advice out there which makes it really easy to get lost in the ocean of different ideas. In addition, if you don't have a simple plan that works, you will drown in it all because every week there seems to be a new fitness idea coming out.

Therefore, I've created a list of four major diet tips that will help you to lose weight quickly. These are based on five years of training a wide variety of personal training clients. I learned that once my clients followed these diet guidelines they found success.

Of course, there are plenty of other guidelines that you could add to this list, but these are the most effective and simple one's that I've found.


4 Diet Tips For Rapid Weight Loss

Step 1 - Plan Your Meals:

Many people cheat on their diet because they don't know what to eat at a given time. They didn't pre-plan their meal so they aren't prepared when it times to eat. So, when they get really hungry, they have no choice but to get something really fast to satisfy the hunger. And, this is usually a dish filled with unhealthy choices. However, when you plan your meals, you will always know what to eat which will help you to make better choices. Meal planning is also really EASY. All you have to do is think about what you want to eat the day before. There is no need to be perfect though. All you need to do is write on a piece of paper or in your smart phone, a summary of the what you would like to eat the next day and where you will get it from. Once you plan your meals consistently for some time, it will become second nature and you will no longer have to write anything down anymore.

Step 2 - Reduce Refined Carbohydrates From Your Diet:

Many people think that high fat diets is really what makes them gain weight. However, the real culprit is carbohydrates. More specifically, refined carbohydrates, which includes, white rice, bagels, white breads, processed sweets etc. These are basically foods that were stripped of most of the natural ingredients found in nature. These food affects your weight loss in the biggest way because your body doesn't know how to break them down. Therefore, your body converts these carbs to fat which is stored in your fat cells. If this continues for a long period of time, weight loss becomes even harder. Why? Because your body eventually becomes more and more insulin resistant. This means that your body doesn't produce enough insulin to take the sugar in the carbohydrates from your bloodstream. To ensure that this doesn't happen to you, make sure that you are consuming more complex carbohydrates such as, sweet potato, brown rice, fruits and vegetables etc.

Step 3 - Eat More:

This sounds contracting because our focus here is weight loss yet I am telling you to eat more. What I really mean though is that you should consume more small meals more often. The model I recommend is 4-5 meals per day. Breakfast should be a big meal because it is your jumpstart in the morning. However, the other four meals could be a little smaller. You can also eat the traditional three big meal while adding 1 small snack between each big meal.

Step - 4 Keep a Balance:

This goes without saying but "balance is the spice of life." Many people like to go all in with their diet and eliminate all of their favorite delights instantly. However, this usually seems to cause more havoc in the end because many of these people will eventually start craving these foods even more at some point. Rather, try to build a solid foundation by doing things a little slower. Instead of giving up white rice altogether, cut down to 1 scoop which will eventually make it easier to let if go altogether in the future. A great way to keep a good balance is to substitute your cheat foods with organic delights. Therefore, if you love chocolate a lot, try going to an organic store and picking some organic choices. This will be a lot more healthy for you because it has more healthy ingredients in it. And, you are still getting the good taste out of it.

In the end, it is all about creating a good relationship with food. Make sure you are eating to LIVE and not living to EAT. How To Get Shredded

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