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Ultimate Street Fighting Guide


Ultimate Street Fighting Guide

A few facts:

Every human being has the same exposed vulnerable points that can disable them when struck. And it doesn't matter how big or strong they are or require any medical or martial arts guru knowledge of anatomy to find them. When hit the recipient will be stunned or go down ready for any follow up strikes you feel inclined to use. These targets will enable you to seriously maim, cripple or even kill attackers where warranted.

Anyone has the necessary tools and power to maim and even kill a scumbag that attacks them, no matter how big or pumped up on drugs they are - it's just knowing where to hit and how - and anyone can learn how to do it quickly and easily and once learned it doesn't take years of constant practice to keep the ability.

Real street fights are over in seconds, fast violent and chaotic - the committed and focussed initiator of the attack has the advantage , i.e. if you can strike first, with a relentless and determined attack, you have the best chance of smashing the aggressor

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What You Will Learn if You Purchase the Guide

To visit or purchase the guide (only $17),
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