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Drawing Secrets Revealed

Sarah Parks


Drawing Secrets Revealed

Learn To Draw Like A Pro With Online Drawing Lessons

Sarah Crews Parks is an artist who skillfully blends Impressionism with Classical Realism.

Her talent is evident in her ability to capture the form and her excellent use of light and shadow.

In her study of portraiture, she is grateful to have been guided by some of today’s finest portrait artists, such as Daniel Greene, Michael Shane Neil, and Paul McCormack, and mentored by Bart Lindstrom, John De La Vega and Ned Bittinger.

Sarah has developed an innovative and comprehensive online drawing course, "Drawing Secrets Revealed", that incorporates brain research and proven drawing techniques to provide the more organized, easy-to-grasp training for artists who want to improve their drawing skills.

"Drawing Secrets Revealed" is a 12 part video drawing course, which can be bougth all together, but it is also possible to buy any of the 12 lessons seperatly.

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Drawing Secrets Revealed - Testimonials

This course directly targets key points that the would be artist has weaknesses in. This is the first time I have researched a course that deals with "grass root" fundamentals to get the novice up and going. It is the best course around. The staff are also great to work with. Well done, Sarah!
Dr. Stephen MacMahon (Sydney, Australia)

I have really enjoyed this course and your style. You do a great job of breaking down concepts so they can be understood.
Gary Morris

I think that all the information in this lesson is valuable and will help as a guide when I am working on future paintings. There is so much to absorb. I could spend a whole semester working on these issues. I find it odd that in many of my painting classes my instructors never spent time to explain in detail the way to approach the problems that arise when you are working with perspectivve. Sometimes, I wasted my time making the same mistakes.
Renee Freed

Thank you so much for your course. The teaching and encouragement was great. I appreciated being able to download and print the lesson materials. I'm sure I will refer to my binders with these lessons in weeks to come. Watching the videos were very helpful in understanding the lesson. Your encouraging critiques were always inspiring and helped me continue even when I didn't think I had done very well. I always want to do it better. You encouraged me to keep trying. I don't know what you could do to improve this course. I learned well from your teaching style, and the content was excellent, especially the way each lesson built on the previous one. Thanks again for your excellent teaching.
Marilyn Dueck

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