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Accomplished Drawing Skills - Five Great Strategies to Improve Them!

Drawing Skills - Five great strategies to improve your drawing skills

Accomplished Drawing Skills - Five Great Strategies to Improve Them!

1. Go somewhere nice and quiet, draw your chosen spot of nature and after that draw it again.


If you want to see improvement you have to put lots of hard work and effort. Nothing comes easy. Do not expect great result from the very first sketch of Art. You won't be a good artist unless you deeply engage with this intimate art activity. The more you observe the better topic you will choose. The better topic you choose the more good results will come soon.

2. Go to exhibition halls regularly! Look at plenty of drawings!

Get interested in what other artists do!

Whether in your own town of living or some other city, get every simple chance to have a look at some good pieces of art! If you have the resources, do not miss visitations at the best exhibition art halls in the county and abroad. Every art piece of paper, whether only with simple lines or made with exquisite meticulously detailed forms and shades would be a great example of the variety of Art and its lovely reincarnations.

3. Choose some masterpieces and draw from them!

Copy art shapes and forms from photographs!

It might seem strange to do such thing but it would be really helpful to draw from other drawings. Observe carefully lines and spots, shades and hatches! What you can learn from such art activity is just priceless. Tons of knowledge for many years of improving your own art in future. Master artists won't mind indeed! How did they use the lines? How did they shade their art forms? It's crucial to achieve some good basics so to be able to go further in the right direction.

4. Draw and paint from life.

Start with something simple and pick ordinary objects or spot of nature. You will work your way up to the complex ones later when you accomplish successfully your art skills. Draw even your sofa, dining table or a cup of coffee. Just try to free your hand. Don't be afraid of being wrong somewhere. Sketches allow to do many not so precise lines. Just try to feel it right and to enjoy the whole art activity. If you don't like it in the end you'll just throw it out and start again. Remember - nothing comes easy!

5. And last but not least - take your time and try to attend a professional class.

A teacher is very important part of your Art training process. He/She will correct your mistakes and weaknesses. And what is most crucial here - having 'competition' and observing the works of art of other students will definitely increase your own personal benefits. The class sessions would be very helpful if a model actually attends it so you can observe and draw at the same time. You can also receive some personal instructions from your teacher.

And for those who think they can't draw at all, sometimes even a professional artist can't as well... just keep trying because as everything else in this world sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

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Accomplished Drawing Skills - Five Great Strategies to Improve Them!

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