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Earth 4 Energy

Build Your Own Solar Panels or Wind Turbine


Earth 4 Energy

Make Your Own Solar Panels or Wind Turbine

Having a company putting up a solar system at your house could easily cost you between $10.000 and $20.000 , forcing you to come up with this cash, or paying (with added interest) for years to come

However, buying the solar cells and putting them together yourself will greatly ( And I mean GREATLY ) reduce the cost of your solar system.

Problem is you probably are no electrician with solar panel building experience, and starting a project like building a solar system never ever crossed your mind.

If you are not totally useless regarding DIY, you should have a look at this video, it is from a guy named Michael Harvey.

Michael Harvey from Earth4Energy has come up with a way to build his own solar system, that most people could do by themselves. Building a system like that will save you lots ( and I mean LOTS ) of money.

Micheal of course soon realised he had a little goldmine at his hands, who would not want to spend a few dollars on a guide that would save them thousands?



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