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Wire Crochet Tutorials

Wire crochet tutorials


Wire Crochet Tutorials

Adriana Laura Mendez is a jewelry designer that has always been passionate about the world of fashion and jewelry.

Adriana specializes in the field of crochet jewelry in which she develops the Peruvian point.

After creating numerous collections of jewels, Adriana decided to expand the knowledge of the art of wire crochet jewelry by selling innovative Ebook and Video Tutorials.

In these Ebook and Video Tutorials, Adriana explains everything you need from the beginning, without requiring the reader to have prior knowledge, clearly explaining step by step, with pictures and graphics to facilitate understanding.

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How to Create Wire Crochet Bracelets, Rings, Pendants and Earrings
Ebook and Video Tutorials

Each Ebook is designed with a fast and effective method of teaching in which you will learn the basic concepts, materials and basic and advanced techniques so you can create unique handmade jewelry.

These innovative Ebooks come with a detailed step by step with illustrations and ready to download. You will also receive amazing instructional videos that will guide you from start to finish to make these beautiful works of jewelry.


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