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DIY Beading Club

DIY Beading Club


DIY Beading Club

What Is DIY Beading Club?

DIY Beading Club is a membership site dedicated to jewelry making and beading

DIY Beading Club was started by Jane Chew, the founder of the popular blog Handmade Jewelry Club and the website DIYLessons

Over the past few years, Jane has published many original jewelry making designs and tutorials to give inspiration to crafters, beadweavers and handcraft jewelry makers all over the world.

She has then teamed up with few jewelry artists to develop more tutorials and offered them as part of membership packages here.

"At DIY Beading Club you will get to see an array of jewelry making tutorials, carefully created, chosen and compiled, aiming to teach all skill levels so with us, you will get to be a beginner, intermediate and advanced student."
Jane Chew

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DIY Beading Club

What you will learn:

You will get to learn various jewelry making techniques such as:

These lessons are written and reviewed carefully by Beading Clubs designers and editor to ensure even a beginner can follow the lessons.

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