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The Faithless
By Martina Cole

The Faithless by Martina Cole

The Faithless

By Martina Cole

Headline; October 2011

With The Faithless, Martina Cole has written a powerful anti crime novel, in which she examines the pitiful proceeds of crime, the lengthy prison sentences, the threat of violence and death.The Faithless follows the Tailor family over a time span of thirty years. Cynthia Tailor runs the Tailor family with an iron fist, and she does not shy away from violence or even murder.

The Faithless
By Martina Cole

The Faithless

Author Martina Cole

Martina Cole

Martina Cole was born in Essex in 1958. She was the youngest of 5 children in a Irish Catholic family. As a kid she already was a book fanatic, reading every book she could lay her hands on. At the age of 15 she was expelled from school, she married at the age of 16, got divorced when she was 17, and pregnant with her son Chris at 18.She had started writing stories as a teenager, and she wrote her first novel, Dangerous Lady, when she was just 20 years of age. However, she did do nothing with it, that is, un till she was 30, when she used a tax rebate to buy an electric typewriter. She typed out the novel, send it to Darley Anderson, an agent who's name she had plucked at random from the Writers and Agents Yearbook. A few days later she got a phone call from Darley Anderson, who announced "Martine, I am going to make you a star". Dangerous Lady was sold to Headline for 150,000, an absolute record for an unpublished author, and her ship was sailing in.

Martina Cole has been married twice, and she has 2 children, Chris, who is married and lives nearby, and a daughter, Freddie Mary, who is 13

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